Homeschooling is One Thing I Can Do

My kids have not attended public school this year, and I like them a lot better now. I have always and will always love them more deeply than I can express, but liking is different. Liking is when you enjoy someone’s company, and I enjoy them more now. They are kinder, less vulgar, and more willing to listen respectfully and to respond thoughtfully.

Many proponents of public education assume that a child cannot be properly socialized outside of a school full of age segregated children and specially credentialed “educators”. My children are proving every day that this is patently untrue. I believe the reason for this is because none of them attend the public school any longer. The longer they are home, the nicer they become. In my mind, the only positive outcome of something called socialization would be for a child to become adept at engaging in positive interactions and solving interpersonal problems, and that is precisely what homeschooling has taught them.

Homeschooling socializes kids in the most positive way imaginable. They spend time learning from the people who love them most, and who are able to impart truly meaningful spiritual values. They have the time and freedom to engage with the real world every day. They have the freedom to choose who they spend their time with. All of this seems to have a very positive impact.

I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity I have to be with my kids every day. It wasn’t long ago that I was much too ill to even entertain the possibility of teaching my own kids. I’ve proven this year that, although I still have health challenges, I am capable of accomplishing this thing for my boys.  And it’s really making a difference.

Traitor to the Cause Part I : Why I Chose to Raise My Own Children.


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