Johann Hari’s Take on Addiction – It’s Not What you May Think

I want to make clear that, although the issue of drug abuse is  highly politicized, I do not mean to take a stance on the drug war by posting this article.  What interests me about it is Mr. Hari’s very interesting opinion on what actually causes addiction.  There seems to be quite a lot of evidence to suggest that it’s not what most of us have been taught to believe it is.  Yes, addictive substances can be dangerous, without a doubt.  But what makes the difference between the strung out addict who has repeatedly overdosed and the user who doesn’t seem to have been harmed, and even seems to be able to quit at will?  It may be as simple as this: connection.

Although I believe that genetics and nutrition also play a large role, I also believe that Johann Hari makes a very good point.


2 thoughts on “Johann Hari’s Take on Addiction – It’s Not What you May Think

  1. But of course, the purpose of the war on drugs was primarily to male money and take tighter control over our government by the military. But on the other hand, we also cannot give everyone a good life when there are more people on earth than it is possible even to feed adequately, so the politcos had to do something,. Too bad they didn’t decide to distribute free birth control.

  2. I agree on the purpose of the drug war. But I don’t agree that the earth cannot feed our current population. It can. But it would take a radical change in how we use resources.

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