You are what you breathe!

Is the epidemic of obesity solely a result of poor food choices? People have had access to unhealthy foods like sugar and white flour for a long time, and the bad effects of these refined foods should not be minimized. But it has only been recently that we have had such huge increases in toxic chemical exposures in our food, water, and air. And this corresponds to the huge spike in cases of obesity.

John Molot

Weight gain/weight loss.

Summer in the city, lunchtime on a weekday. I walked through a park on my way to a meeting on a main street. It was a lovely day; clear blue sky and warm sunshine. The park benches were all occupied with people eating their lunch. I don’t usually peer into the lunches of strangers but I had been mulling over the obesity epidemic as a blog post topic – call it my research. 

I stopped and took a panoramic view of what people were eating. Here’s what I saw – a guy, eating out of a cardboard box – bright orange noodles with some thin slices of vegetables; two girls with plastic black boxes – penne with tomato sauce; subs and sandwiches, more black containers, cans of pop and iced tea.  I didn’t notice any obvious bags from home, and there were far more sweetened beverages and…

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