Lisa Ling Got it Exactly Right About Benzos

I just finished watching Lisa Ling’s report on CNN about the dangers of benzodiazepine withdrawal.  I was shocked at the accuracy of the report.  For years, people like me who were suffering from the severe effects of benzodiazepine withdrawal were ignored and made to feel crazy.  We knew stopping the drugs was making us sick, and that the sickness was lasting much, much longer than we were told withdrawal symptoms should last.  But because doctors are taught so very little in medical school about how to prescribe benzodiazepines and about the possible side effects and withdrawal symptoms, they usually dismiss patient claims that benzodiazepine withdrawal has caused long-lasting and severe harm.

In her report, Lisa Ling interviewed a woman who was harmed badly by a doctor-approved, too-short taper from Klonopin.  After being reinstated on benzodiazepines with a prescription for liquid Valium, she sought help from strangers on the internet to find out how to escape the benzo trap.  That may sound like a radically stupid idea, but because this woman had not received the right type of help from her doctor, she felt she had no other choice.  Fortunately for her, she received some advice from people on a support forum called Benzo Buddies that actually helped her to taper safely from her medication.  I had a very similar experience, and I will always be grateful for the support and knowledge I received from fellow sufferers.

Sadly, there are too many who were not able to find help before it was too late.  In her report, Lisa Ling interviewed a couple who had lost their son to suicide after he experienced severe withdrawal symptoms, first from Klonopin, and later from Alprazolam.   Understandably, the couple is devastated about their loss, and furious that doctors are not knowledgeable enough to prevent this sort of tragedy.

If you have not already, please check out Lisa Ling’s excellent report:



2 thoughts on “Lisa Ling Got it Exactly Right About Benzos

  1. The Benzo Problem was ripe. It had to be exposed. It is unfortunate that Ling failed to verify all that she said. People were subtilty sent to bogus websites.. Ling ended with a doc from Kaiser, the people who do most damage to the benzo afflicted. Kaiser Permanente requires 50% dosage cuts every week for six weeks. There is no adjustment for different potencies of different benzos.. Sky rocketing BP is dismissed and untreated and this does cause permanent heart damage.
    I know. I was one of their victims.

    • Thanks for that info. It sickens me that the mainstream media has to get in a one-two punch even when they finally cover something like this. Disgusting. I was a victim too. I have not been diagnosed with heart damage, but it feels as if that is what has happened. You can’t have HR and BP that high for that long without sustaining some damage.

      And I just looked at the date of this comment and realized how old it is. So sorry for my year late response! I need to get back to active blogging.

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