My Poetry

mother and child


Giddy, rosy cheeked and ripe with child.

She laughs, cries, sings,

As if she carried the entire universe within her womb.

Slender feminine fingers

Caress the orb that is a child,

Loving and being loved.

Soft tender-hearted mama Nursing a sweet downy babe,

Face baptized in pain, reborn in mother-love.

(This poem was originally published by me on and then chosen to be published in’s yearbook. I’ve never seen it, but they tell me it’s there.)

The Peninsula

puget sound

Cedar scented salt air pulsates through me like liquid energy

I become wholly changed

As if the air were my true food and I had been starving

Spirit Heart

Flesh heart pulled by invisible strings
Attached to a spirit heart unseen.
Invisible, enfolding arms
Father the longing child.


These are poems that I wrote when I was twelve years old. I included it in a writing assignment called the “Me Book” written when I was 16. I recently pulled it out to show to my kids and thought it would be fun to post them:

Silence in the wood

A silence the wind can blow

With me there is peace


Soaring above the treetops,

The very image of grace.

Suddenly, sharply, diving, diving,

Legs reaching, feathers flipping,

Talons spread, closing over prey.


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