Air to Wash Our Minds


“There used to be a scent that the wind pushed in front of it in those days, which must have come from all the wild flowers and the sweet grasses that grew up there then.  This scent was strong that afternoon, and my father often stopped to breathe in, for he had told me time and time again that trouble will not stop in a man whose lungs are filled with fresh air.  He always said that God sent the water to wash our bodies and air to wash our minds.”  – How Green Was My Valley by Richard Llewellyn

In Honor of Buy Nothing Friday

“There is strange to walk in a town.  Something is strange in the faces of people who live all their lives in a town.  For their lives are full of the clock, and their eyes are blind with seeing so many wonders, and they have no pleasure of expectation or prettiness of wish.  Good things are heaped in the windows all round them, but their pockets are empty, and thus they suffer in their minds, for where they would own, now they must wish, and wishes denied soon turn to lust that shows itself in the face.  Too much to see day after day, and too much noise for peace, and too little time in a round of the clock to sit by themselves and think.”  – from How Green Was my Valley by Richard Llewellyn